bag manufactory

bag manufactory

The north of Portugal is world-famous for excellent leather handicraft.

All Naditum products are manufactured in a small family business near Porto, which was founded in 1984.

It is not only the craftsmanship and professionalism that makes the manufacture stand out from the rest, but also the warmth and direct communication. Just like Naditum, the company was founded by a woman. She still runs the company today with a lot of passion and sets the tone. Together with her two sons, who joined the family business after completing their studies, she works with them side by side every day and passes on her knowledge.



In the manufacture of the products, modernity meets traditional craftsmanship. The pattern development is completely digital, but for the sample making the individual skins are still cut by hand.

In the manufactory, all the components are assembled that are needed to make a bag. All Naditum products are handmade here.