Each handbag tells its own story: Through daily use, the natural leather develops an individual patina and a unique character. Because our premiere open-pored leather is not synthetically finished, its colour and surface change with time.

Contact with rough surfaces can cause small scratches, so a Naditum handbag should be carefully stored in its dust bag – away from light. Water can make spots on open-pored leather: Protect the bag from rain and moisture.

Before using any Naditum product, consult a fine-leather specialist about the proper care agent.

For everyday maintenance using natural wax lotion from the time of purchase will help prevent spotting and ensure your handbag’s long life. Treat any dirt with a clean white cloth or eraser; if necessary, use a cleaning agent to remove stains.

Always test a spot that is not visible. Never apply an agent directly to the leather, but rather to a clean, light-coloured cloth and massage the leather with circular motions. Following these steps will ensure long life for your unique natural – Naditum – product.