Naditum embodies the idea of a strengthening female community.

The origin

The search for a suitable name that conveys the basic feeling that resonates in every Naditum product was not easy.

Naditum would not have been possible without the help of many smart, favourable, successful women who support each other. They all made an important contribution to the creation of the label. It was therefore obvious to look for a name that expresses or includes exactly this mutual support.

The old Babylonian term Naditum is first mentioned around 2000 B.C. and describes a collective of women. This group of women lived together in a kind of community and was economically independent. They often held high offices and owned land and houses. From this time there are a number of documents that resemble a kind of present-day sales contract or legal documents that were concluded by women from this community.

They very successfully entered into areas and professions that were back then reserved for men only. That is why they are also known as the first business women.

The logo

Naditum stands for conscious femininity, no matter what it looks like. The logo is based on an ancient Babylonian goddess statue. The goddess is strong, has curves, and confidently raises her breasts. She naturally celebrates her femininity. Our bag series carry the names of strong goddesses. Ishtar is the deity of war, love and female sexuality, Antu is a grounded deity and stands for creation.

Naditum embodies the idea of a strengthening female community. And this is exactly the fundamental idea behind every Naditum bag.

Naditum firmly believes in the power that arises when women come together and support each other. In this sense: